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We Work Hard So You Don't Have To!           We Work Hard So You Don't Have To!           We Work Hard So You Don't Have To!

Here at Willowmead Christmas Trees we are able to offer a rent a tree service on all of our pot grown Christmas trees for the 2020 season.


Why Rent A Tree from Willowmead


By renting a live pot grown Nordmann Fir that will continue to grow throughout the year, you will be providing an environment for wildlife to thrive through the summer and saving a tree from being cut down.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How does the tree rental work?


A.  Here at Willowmead Christmas Trees we try to make renting a tree from us as simple as possible, you can visit our site in Cheshire and choose which tree you would like to rent, you then choose a date and time to suit you for us to deliver your tree, the tree is then yours to decorate as you like for the festive period. When the tree is dropped off to you our delivery team will arrange a time and date to collect your tree from you after the festive period. We will then return the tree to our fields to continue its growth until next Christmas, you can choose to reserve the same tree for the following Christmas but it would have to be paid for again.


Q. What happens if I kill the tree?


A. The tree would be very hard to kill, if you follow the care instructions provided when the tree is delivered, we would only ask you to pay for the tree in extreme circumstances where it is clear that damage has been purposefully inflicted.


Q. How do I care for the tree?


A. When your tree is delivered our delivery team will provide you with an informative leaflet on how to look after your particular tree if you would like this information before you purchase your tree please ask a member of our team or email our customer service team, the email address can be found on our contact us page.


Q. How does the pricing work?


A. We have a number of options available to our customers, the price depends on whether the tree is being rented or purchased out right.


Q. How do the trees survive between each Christmas?


A.  All of the trees we have available for rent have been grown in pots for their whole life, which means that all of their roots are inside the pot, this allows the trees to continue growing year after year, unlike trees that are field grown and dug up to place in a pot. Once our trees reach a certain height they are sold rather than rented this is because they become too big to be kept in pots and need planting out after Christmas, those which are not sold are planted out in our field to continue their growth into fully grown trees.

Rent A Tree

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